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IBI PROJECTS LTD is a limited liability company incorporated in July 2011 under the company’s code of Ghana, from scratch with no prior set up or organization. The company is also duly registered under Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing, Ghana, with the contractor’s classification of D1/K1.

Our Vision is to become a prime global construction firm, real estate developer and project management power house. 

Our Mission is to deliver superior quality construction projects through a well-resourced, skilled and satisfied workforce by,

  • Employing modern systems, tools, methods and best practices in our work

  • Creating value for all stakeholders

  • Bringing quality change in communities we operate in

Our Strategy hinges on gaining competitive advantage through,

  • Engagement and development of top quality personnel and partnerships

  • Use and continuous improvement of best practice processes, systems, tools and methods employed.

  • Competitive pricing & effective cost management discipline

  • Integrity of leadership and financial prudence

  • Adherence to regulations and support of local development efforts

  • Efficient management practices, controls, planning and quality assurance


The company is managed by a team of young, dynamic, experienced and skilled professionals. The company also employs over 50 individuals, groups and artisans, directly or indirectly, of various trades and skills on our projects.

Our commitment is to deliver premium properties in functional living environments and ensure value for money to our clients and stakeholders.

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